Kelley Lynch Fact Check

The Truth about Kelley Lynch's Allegations against Leonard Cohen

The purpose of this site is to provide the truth regarding the allegations made by Kelley Lynch against Leonard Cohen by setting out a complete review of the legal battle between Cohen and Lynch and the lawyers and advisers whom she hired.

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Overview of Litigation between Lynch and Cohen

Cohen's Complaint and Judgment against Lynch and Subsequent Litigation to Recover Misappropriated Funds

Aug 15, 2005 Cohen files suit against Lynch, his former manager of 17 years. Cohen's claims against Lynch include fraud, conversion, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, negligence, injunctive relief, imposition of a constructive trust, and an accounting. (See Complaint against Lynch)
Dec 5, 2005 Cohen requests entry of a default when Lynch fails to answer the complaint. Lynch's default is entered by the LA Superior Court. (See Request for Entry of Default (p. 84))
May 15, 2006 A default judgment is entered against Leonard Cohen's ex-manager Lynch in the amount of $7.3 million. (See Default Judgment)
Jan 17, 2014 Over seven years after the entry of the default judgment against Lynch, Lynch files a motion to vacate Leonard Cohen's judgment. Lynch's motion is denied with prejudice. At the hearing on Lynch's motion, the judge characterizes Lynch's motion as "not even colorably meritorious." (See Reporter's Transcript of Proceedings, January 17, 2014) and (See Minute Order on Motion to Vacate Judgment)
Jun 23, 2015 Lynch files a motion for terminating sanctions alleging that Cohen and his attorneys Robert Kory and Michelle Rice committed "fraud upon the court" in obtaining the default judgment and the order denying her motion to vacate. After a hearing, Lynch's motion is denied with prejudice. (See Order on Plaintiffs' Opposition to Defendant's Motion for Terminating and Other Sanctions) Lynch appeals to the Second District Court of Appeal.
Jul 13, 2015 A notice of renewal of Leonard Cohen's judgment obtained against Lynch is filed. The $7.3 million money judgment, together with $6.7 million in accrued statutory interest, is renewed. (See Notice of Renewal of Judgment)
Oct 6, 2015 Lynch files two motions challenging Cohen's renewal of the judgment. After a hearing, the court denied both of Lynch's motions with prejudice. (See Order Denying Defendant's Motion to Set Aside Renewal of Judgment) Lynch appeals from the order denying her motion to vacate the renewal of the judgment to the Second District Court of Appeal.
May 17, 2017 Lynch's appeal from the order denying her motion for terminating sanctions is dismissed by the California Second District Court of Appeal. (See Denial of Lynch’s appeal from the Order denying her Motion for Terminating Sanctions...)

Cohen's Complaint, Writ of Possession and Default Judgment against Lynch for Recovery of Possession of Personal Property

Oct 11, 2005 Cohen files a complaint for recovery of his personal property that Lynch has in her possession but refuses to return. Pursuant to an ex parte writ of possession, the sheriff's department removes from Lynch's home dozens of boxes of Cohen's business records and personal property. (See Summons and Complaint for Recovery of Possession of Personal Property) and (See Ex parte Writ of Possession)

Cohen's Court Cases against Lynch for Harassment and Her Subsequent Arrests for Violations of the Protection Order

County Court, Boulder, Colorado, C0072008C 000776

Aug 19, 2008 Shortly after her termination in October 2004, Leonard Cohen's ex-manager Lynch began sending numerous emails and placing numerous telephone calls to Cohen's residence. Many of the calls and emails contained threats to Cohen's safety including emails threatening to "take him down" and declaring "Cohen should be taken before a firing squad and shot." By 2008, Lynch was residing in Colorado where she continued her harassment of Cohen. Cohen sought an order of protection in Colorado against Lynch listing "stalking" and "physical assault, threat or other situation" as the primary reasons. After Cohen's testimony, a temporary restraining order is issued. (See Verified Motion for Civil Protection Order (p. 16))
Sep 2, 2008 A permanent protection order (PPO) hearing is held in Boulder County Court. Leonard Cohen's former manager Lynch appears and voluntarily signs the PPO in open court acknowledging that she understands its terms and provisions. (See Transcript of Hearing on Request to Make Civil Protection Order Permanent (p. 20)) and (See Permanent Civil Protection Order) Shortly after the issuance of the Colorado PPO, Lynch resumes her email and telephonic harassment of Cohen.
Dec 2008 The Boulder County Court denies Lynch's motion to quash the Colorado PPO. The Court's notation states: "The motion to dismiss the PPO is denied. The CT reminds the DEF that she agreed to the entry of the PPO on 9-2-08." (See Court printout indicating denial of Lynch's Motion to Quash PPO (p. 59))
Oct 1, 2009 A warrant is issued for Leonard Cohen's ex-manager Lynch's arrest in Colorado based on Lynch's violations of the PPO. Lynch avoids arrest in Colorado when she moves to New Jersey. (See Warrant for Arrest upon Affidavit)
Dec 16, 2016 Lynch filed a motion with the Colorado court requesting that the civil protection order issued against her on behalf of Cohen be dismissed due to Cohen's death a month earlier. The Colorado court entered an order denying Lynch's motion because Lynch failed to comply with the Colorado statute requiring that the restrained party provide the court a fingerprint-based criminal history record check before any dismissal of the protection order be considered. (See Order: Reply to Motion to Dismiss Protection Order)
Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, BQ033717

May 25, 2011 Lynch returns to California and her calls and emails to Cohen continue unabated and even escalate, Cohen registers the Colorado PPO in California. (See Register Out-of-State Restraining Order)
Sep 1, 2015 Lynch files a motion to set aside/vacate the California registration of Cohen's Colorado PPO. After a hearing, Lynch's motion is denied. (See Order Denying Motion to Set Aside DV Order) Lynch files a notice of appeal to the Second District Court of Appeal.
Jul 2016 Lynch resumes direct contact with Leonard Cohen. Over the course of three days, Lynch sends Cohen 39 emails in violation of the "no-contact" provision of Cohen's PPO.

Lynch's Violations of the Protective Orders, 6CJ03685

Jan 25, 2012 A seven count criminal complaint is filed against Lynch by the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office for Lynch's violations of Cohen's PPO. (See Criminal Charges against Kelley Lynch listed.)
Mar 1, 2012 Lynch is arrested for violations of the PPO. (See Kelly Lynch booking photo taken after her arrest for violation of the protective order.)
Apr 12, 2012 After a five-day jury trial, Leonard Cohen's former manager Lynch is convicted in Los Angeles Superior Court on five counts of violating a court order and two counts of making annoying telephone calls and sending annoying e-mails.
Apr 17, 2012 Lynch is sentenced to 18 months with five years summary probation. Five-year post-conviction criminal protection orders are issued for Robert Kory and Michelle Rice. At Lynch's sentencing, the judge observes: "evidence demonstrated in this case a long unrelenting barrage of harassing behavior on the part of the defendant that spanned a number of years and was really person should be subject to that kind of targeting by anyone..." The judge also states that Lynch "displayed an utter contempt for the judicial process and for judicial orders" and had shown "no remorse or glimmer of acknowledgement of wrongdoing for her behavior." (See Sentencing Hearing)
May 29, 2013 Lynch files a notice of appeal of her criminal conviction. Her conviction is affirmed in full by the appellate division of the LA Superior Court. Lynch's petition for a writ of habeas corpus is also denied. (See Appellate Opinion on Conviction) and (See Opinion and Order Denying Writ of Habeas Corpus)
Dec 6, 2016 A new 16-count criminal complaint is filed against Lynch in Los Angeles Superior Court for Lynch's violations of Cohen's PPO before his death on November 7, 2016 and for her harassment of Cohen's attorneys Michelle Rice and Robert Kory. (See Misdemeanor Complaint against Kelley Lynch)
Jan 26, 2017 Leonard Cohen's former manager Lynch pleads not guilty at her arraignment. A preliminary hearing is scheduled.
Aug 1, 2017 Lynch appeared before the court without counsel for a preliminary hearing. Additional violations of the protective orders entered on behalf of Kory and Rice were added to the complaint for a total of 31 counts against Lynch. Lynch was arraigned and entered a plea of not guilty. A pretrial hearing is scheduled for September 8, 2017. (See Minute Order of August 1, 2017)