Kelley Lynch Fact Check
The Truth about Kelley Lynch's Allegations against Leonard Cohen


View numerous checks written by Lynch to herself from the Traditional Holdings account and deposited into Lynch's personal bank account.

View Calculation of damages by Kevin L. Prins (p. 198), an attachment to Plaintiff's Opposition to Defendant's Motion to Vacate and/or Modify Default Judgment.

View Warrant for Arrest upon Affidavit issued for Leonard Cohen's ex-manager Lynch in Colorado.

View Lynch's booking photo taken after her arrest for violation of the protective order.

View Berkeley Crime News prints notice of Lynch's arrest.

View Criminal Charges against Leonard Cohen's former manager Lynch listed.

View Los Angeles Police Investigative Report dated September 1, 2016 filed by Cohen regarding Lynch.

Listen to voice mail messages left by Lynch for Leonard Cohen:
Voice mail message #1
Voice mail message #2, June 12, 2011
Voice mail message #3, June 20, 2011
Voice mail message #4